Super Motocross 1.0

An addictive motocross game for fans of racing and motorcycles with stunning graphics

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    Racing games

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    Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.7 (119)

Super Motocross is a great first-person dirt bike racing game in which competitors can race against some of the world's top riders or against other live racers online - a 107 mb program can be downloaded as a 44 mb file and expanded upon opening.

While the game takes up a lot of hard drive space, users will be very pleased with the graphics and sense of realism. Whether someone likes to ride dirt bikes or other motorcycles, those who enjoy racing and particularly motorcycle racing games will find Super Motocross to be a thoroughly entertaining game available for users of Windows 8 and other operating systems.

The racing occurs in a jungle background setting, which provides greater visual appeal than the desert setting of the preceding game version. Users can pretend they are tearing through the hills of Hawaii or some other exotic locale with more colors and background scenes than the earlier version featured. The jungle background also enhances the sense of speed when racing and adds to the overall gaming experience.

Super Motocross has 15 outdoor motocross racetracks for users to compete against computer-controlled racers and other online competitors for a truly live racing experience. Racers can choose from up to four motocross bikes designed for different riding levels. One is available at the start of the game with additional bikes that are faster and better handling made available as riders win races and gold trophies. Background music can be changed by uploading new songs from an mp3 device.

Users start with the most basic bike and must win a trophy by finishing among the top three to unlock the next racetrack. Some tracks might require finishing second or winning on the prior track to unlock the new racecourse. Each new motorcycle is larger and faster than the predecessor and enables riders to better get up large hills and jumps more obstacles. Advancing to the next track might require winning a better bike in order to win a race rather than simply place among the top three.

Handling mostly is done using the right and left arrows to move the motorcycle about the track. Users generally find the controls easy to use and can master the game with relative ease when compared to many other game controls. The program requires a Microsoft Windows operating system and is compatible with Window XP, Vista and 2000. Systems need at least 256 mb of system RAM and 64 mb of video RAM with a 1 GHZ or higher CPU.

The online software download comes with a partial installer to make installation simple for most competent computer users. No shortcut is installed with the partial installer, but users can create their own using their operating systems.


Basic installer for easy startup

Outstanding graphics

Better looking jungle background

Lots of racing on 15 tracks


Partial installer does not create shortcuts

Large file takes up hard drive space

Repetitive background scenes

No indoor racecourses

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